Re: Ige-mac-integration: New version with Cocoa interface available.

On May 18, 2010, at 12:55 PM, Colin Walters wrote:

> Oh, one thing I really need from OS X porters (and win32 for that
> matter) is a solid recommendation for an application identifier
> string.  GApplication needs this for uniqueness, and GSettings
> requires one too.
> Probably the biggest question here is whether the application
> identifier is platform-independent (i.e. every app picks
> org.example.MyApp), or we suggest people use a uuid on windows, etc.

Org.example.MyApp would be compatible with Apple's Uniform Type Identifiers, so that's appropriate for OSX. I don't remember enough about MSWin to comment on what would or wouldn't work there.

John Ralls

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