Re: Deprecations for 3.x

2010/5/12 Cody Russell <bratsche gnome org>:
> I think it would be kind of nice to deprecate GtkStatusbar.  It's one of the
> more useless widgets we have, imo.  It basically serves two purposes:
> 1/ Pushing and popping text messages.  This is a really terrible way to
> communicate information to users, imo.
> 2/ Corner resize grips.  I want to add support for this directly to
> GtkWindow anyway.
> It just consumes precious vertical space without giving us much.
> / Cody

Not a really compelling argument to remove it from a general purpose
toolkit, I'm afraid. Feel free to not use it in your apps, and modify
the HIG to recommend against status bars.

I agree on the resize grips, of course.

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