Re: Deprecations for 3.x

On 05/12/2010 09:29 AM, Cody Russell wrote:
I think it would be kind of nice to deprecate GtkStatusbar.  It's one of
the more useless widgets we have, imo.  It basically serves two purposes:

1/ Pushing and popping text messages.  This is a really terrible way to
communicate information to users, imo.
2/ Corner resize grips.  I want to add support for this directly to
GtkWindow anyway.

3/ Providing contextual information on what document the user is currently working on, eventually allowing some tweaks on a per-document basis.

gedit's use case of GtkSideBar is 2/ and 3/: it uses the statusbar to display some properties of the current document (like language, indentation style, etc.) and invented GtkStatusArea for pushing important messages.

In that regard, it would probably be nice to add some API in GtkStatusBar to cover the third use case mentionned here.

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