Re: Deprecations for 3.x

I think it would be kind of nice to deprecate GtkStatusbar.  It's one of the more useless widgets we have, imo.  It basically serves two purposes:

1/ Pushing and popping text messages.  This is a really terrible way to communicate information to users, imo.
2/ Corner resize grips.  I want to add support for this directly to GtkWindow anyway.

It just consumes precious vertical space without giving us much.

/ Cody

2010/5/12 Javier Jardón <jjardon gnome org>

After the lastest GTK+ meeting I've assembled a list of "deprecatable"
classes so you can review them more easily.
Take a look to this query in bugzilla: [1]  ( They are the bugs with
the 'deprecations' tag ).

Is it necessary to add some more?


Javier Jardón Cabezas
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