Re: Deprecations for 3.x

On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 11:44 AM, Christian Dywan <christian lanedo com> wrote:
I am curious, as GtkStatusbar is used in every second application,
about your suggestions on how to replace it in the typical use cases.

I don't actually have thoughts on this yet.. most of the apps I can think of that use statusbars don't really seem to be communicating useful information in statusbars using the push/pop API.  xchat-gnome wastes precious pixels to show network lag, although apparently you can disable this in recent versions but it still seems completely pointless.  gedit seems to do nice things in the statusbar, but by packing other widgets in.. not sure if they're using the text message push/pop API.

Maybe apps should just be patched to remove useless statusbars, but I still wouldn't mind thinking about if there could be more useful APIs for this widget.  The message pushing/popping really doesn't seem to be very useful IMO.

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