Re: padding cleanup

On 08/30/2010 01:02 AM, Havoc Pennington wrote:
In brief it adds to GtkWidget:

   h-align, v-align = FILL, CENTER, START, END
   padding-left,padding-right,padding-top, padding-bottom = int16

A small point to keep in mind when implementing something like that is the scrollbar behaviour, which is currently quite hard to get right.

Basically, in editors like gedit or others, whose content can be scrolled, you usually end up with a scrollable area on the right of the window.

When the said window is not maximized, the scrollbar is often not on the edge of the window, because it can be in a notebook for instance (as it is the case in gedit) or have margins, but when the window is maximized, it needs to be on the edge so one can benefit from Fitt's law for scrolling: moving one's mouse to the far end of the screen and use the wheel.

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