Re: padding cleanup


On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 4:22 AM, Steve Frécinaux <nudrema gmail com> wrote:
> When the said window is not maximized, the scrollbar is often not on the
> edge of the window, because it can be in a notebook for instance (as it is
> the case in gedit) or have margins, but when the window is maximized, it
> needs to be on the edge so one can benefit from Fitt's law for scrolling:
> moving one's mouse to the far end of the screen and use the wheel.

Are you suggesting some sort of "automatically collapse padding when
on a Fitt's edge" feature? Or even better, make the padding clickable
in that kind of situation? That would be easier if centralizing
padding a bit I guess.

Another thing your mail made me realize, by moving padding into
widgets such as Button the padding area could become clickable (I
guess in some of the implementation schemes I mentioned, the
input-only window would probably end up not including padding, but in
others it could). I don't know if padding should be clickable - or
only clickable if it's between the widget and a Fitt's edge?

If adding a nicer, more automatic way for no-window widgets to get
events (as part of dropping GdkWindow), one possible elaboration would
be to be smart about whether events on padding go to widgets, possibly
including a rule that the widget only gets padding events if the
padding is against a Fitt's edge.

These features all seem like elaborations of "padding cleanup" but I
do think a padding cleanup (and having padding generally be part of
clickable widgets, not part of the layout container) would help do a
nice Fitt's law feature.


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