Re: disabling GTK+ features to shrink GTK+

* Paul Davis <paul linuxaudiosystems com> schrieb:

> > There're a lot of other reasons for smaller libraries, for example
> > reducing memory footprint, easier systems maintenance (smaller libs
> > normally mean less changes, since many of them will be done elsewhere),
> > easier code review (less code to look at per iteration), etc, etc.
> you don't appear to understand how virtual memory interacts with
> dynamic library linking, which means, fundamentally, that your
> point about smaller memory footprint is just wrong. it would appear
> that you think that because an application has a library mapped into
> its address space that its memory footprint just grew by the size
> of the library.

It grows as soon as certain pages are accessed. And - as already said - 
unless the distinct functional (sub)modules are aligned into their
own pages instead of randomly cat'ed to one big contigious text section 
on linker's will, there's great chance that there're many, many 
never-accessed areas within pages that still have to be accessed
(and thus loaded).

> its also been explaned to you how creating a massively variable
> configuration for "GTK" actually increases the maintainance load. 

I'm not talking about creating many configuration options, but
actually moving out functional modules to dedicated libraries.

> > I had done some works on gtk+ (especially
> > for clean crosscompiling, trimmed-down builds, etc) several years ago
> > but gave up due contigious frustration - nobody even listened to my
> > arguments.
> it doesn't seem so suprising to me.

For me, too, as soon as I understood the total ignorance of constraints 
and QM requirements in embedded systems. 

That's just self-explaining:

excalibur gtk+-2.18.9 # find -type f -exec "grep" "-E" "AC_TRY_RUN|AC_CHECK_FILE" "{}" ";" | wc -l

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