Re: disabling GTK+ features to shrink GTK+

* Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com> schrieb:

> because loading tons of small libraries is actually going to cost 
> much more in terms of resources (memory, I/O, linking and loading time) 

Really ? did you measure it ?

How often do typically gtk applications get startet - how many 
per second ?

Most of the time is spent in loading the pages (disk io). Yes, this
can be done lazy (requireing many, many page fault exceptions, so
driving up CPU load), but that will only help us if the text segment
is clustered along usage pattern (IOW: by smaller modules within
the fat library), otherwise we've got huge chance that the whole
text will have to be loaded even if we actually just use small
portions. With separate smaller libraries, that's already inherent.

Oh, btw, *If* you're really concerned about the dynamic linking
overhead, wouldn't it be the right way to improve ldso in general,
eg. by a kernel-based caching linker ?

> than loading a single library shared by many (if not all) applications.

Well, on my system, only a few apps need gtk, and most of them only
small portions. You souldn't do the mistake of building everything
on unrealistic assumptions like gtk is only used in "typical" GNOME
environments. (otherwise it someday *will only* be used there and
and loose the all the rest of the userbase).

> for the past five years there has been an impressive effort in reducing
> the amount of small libraries scattered across the platforms - 

Yes, that's exactly why I've given up gtk+ development. I simply
dont have the spare manpower to drive everything on my own, and
if I had, I'd start afresh with different very concepts.

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