Re: disabling GTK+ features to shrink GTK+

* Michael Torrie <torriem gmail com> schrieb:


> Why would you want to use directfb when a tiny X server is the 
> same footprint and much better supported?

Which one are you talking about ? Kdrive ?
How good is it supported, especially on non-x86 platforms ?

Xwindow generelly has several design drawbacks due its history
and doesn't scale particular well in constrainted local-only
applications, compared to Dfb+fusion.

> directfb is redundant. I hope you're not using it. 

I *am* using it, and it's far from being redundant.

> It reimplements (poorly) everything that X11 already does, 
> like windows and events.

No, not everything that X11, and for its purpose far more efficient.
> > Qt is even worse than gtk.
> That's news to Nokia.  Not only do they use it in Linux environment on
> their phones, they have also ported it to Symbian and it will become
> their main platform.

Well, their decision. Smartphone GUIs are actually not the ideal
candidate for the machine code paradigm, especially if you want
things like 3rd-party applets, etc. Better take Android there.

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