Re: Minutes of the GTK+ team GUADEC meeting - 2010-07-29

On Tue, 2010-08-03 at 01:28 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:

> > • Release for GTK+ 3.0 delayed until Christmas
> >  ∘ Feature freeze around November
> >
> > • Release for GLib planned by late August
> Did outstanding work for GLib 2.26 get discussed ? I am only aware of
> the datetime work, anything else ?

I'm reviewing the datetime API; we also discussed the TLS support in GIO
and it's pending a final review.

> > • GtkSearchEngine ported to Tracker (perhaps using GBus?)
> > ACTION: martyn or juergbi will do this
> Are there more details on this somewhere ? GtkSearchEngine already has
> a tracker backend, so I wonder what exactly is the goal here.

the tracker and beagle backends dlopen() a client library and they have
to be kept up to date with multiple hacks to dlopen the correct version.
I was wondering if, now that we have GDBus, we could negotiate and/or
use IPC directly - or, if push come to shove - at least use a GIO
extension point mechanism to clean up the code. tracker is also getting
a direct access library to the storage, which would remove the need to
do IPC to get the results.

>  What has
> been discussed in the past was to re-merge this with the nautilus
> search code (and maybe move it to gio).

moving it to GIO would be a good thing; currently, GtkSearchEngine is
private so it wouldn't be necessarily bad to fix it in GTK+ and then
move it in GIO after the Nautilus guys chimed in.



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