Re: Minutes of the GTK+ team GUADEC meeting - 2010-07-29

On Tue, 2010-08-03 at 01:28 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> > • Hackfest
> >  ∘ Planned for October w22 (18th-22nd)
> I will try to make it this time, for a change. Are the dates final yet ?

Set in stone and approved by the foundation.  It's fine to start booking

> Did outstanding work for GLib 2.26 get discussed ? I am only aware of
> the datetime work, anything else ?

The focus of the meeting was on Gtk -- my understanding is that GLib
plans are completely unchanged from what they were before GUADEC.

I've been working on a GApplication rewrite (with approval and design
validation from Colin and Emmanuele).  I hope to land that in the coming
days (ie: it will be the focus of a 2.25.13 release).

There are still a couple of outstanding GSettings features, of course...

> I assume we also need a GTK+ 2.22 release in time for Gnome 2.32.

Yes.  Release team wants that, including GtkApplication backported.


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