Minutes of the GTK+ team GUADEC meeting - 2010-07-29


These are the notes taken based on our meeting at GUADEC last week.


• Hackfest
  ∘ Planned for October w22 (18th-22nd)
  ∘ Igalia Offices
  ∘ Foundation say they will pay for accommodation (budget is 8-10k)
  ∘ Companies pay for flights
  ∘ Need a volunteer to blog about this!
  ∘ Need a wiki page with planned attendees
  ∘ Will start a discussion about it on GTK+ devel for arrangements

• Release for GTK+ 3.0 delayed until Christmas
  ∘ Feature freeze around November

• Release for GLib planned by late August

• Review needed of Benjamin's 'rendering-cleanup' branch:
  ∘ Recommended that owen/mclasen/timj take a look
  ∘ Who is affected by this branch?
    ‣ Biggest users is perhaps Metacity?
    ‣ GTKVNC
    ‣ GIMP (shouldn't be a problem according to Mitch)
    ‣ GNOME Games?
  ∘ Advantage
    ‣ Lots of other unnecessary backend code gets removed
      ∘ Propose to deprecate "expose" for non-toplevel windows for 2.22?
    ‣ Instead pass Cairo context in a new "draw" event.
      • Cody = Win32
      • Kris = Quartz
      • Ryan/Benjamin = X11
    ‣ Want to remove "no-expose" events if we have no GC, should be fine

• Review needed of animation branch for consideration in GTK+ 3.0
  ∘ Should be aligned vaguely at least to the Clutter APIs

• Review needed of Carlos' style branch
  ∘ Some work needed in porting existing themes
  ∘ Possibly work required with existing animated widgets: 
    ‣ GtkExpander
    ‣ GtkSpinner
  ∘ Sapwood ported already by Sven and seems to work nicely
ACTION: garnacho or Lanedo labs time to help finish this

• GtkSearchEngine ported to Tracker (perhaps using GBus?)
ACTION: martyn or juergbi will do this


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