Re: GtkOrientable: Can widgets now be flipped?

>> > > > > If the base classes can now already do everything then shouldn't the V/H
>> > > > > classes be deprecated already?

Gtk[VH]Foo deprecation++ from me, yes it should be deprecated if it doesnt
serve a purpose - hardcoding the orientation IMO does not serve a
purpose at all.

Somebody made a really rediculous comment about users switching to QT
because of a simple deprecation, MAYBE they have grounds now with
a stripped 3.0 in sight, my opinion ? deprecate everything useless you can
before that deadline, because we may be stuck with the same crap for
another 3+ years.

Im sorry if I sound harsh, I dont even personally maintain GTK+ and I have
personally HAD IT with outside pressure on the GTK+ team to be so backward
forward and 4th dimentionally compatible - the deprecations have been
comming for a while - if users switch to QT it will at least give us a couple
years peace so that we can at least develop some features and do some
real refactoring.

Have a little solidarity, we write GTK+, it says it even in every source
file, it is provided AS IS, take it or leave it - people use GTK+ because
it rocks - it wont rock for long if we cant refactor, do the math.

I am on a half hour lunch break... have to run

Laters folks,

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