Re: GtkOrientable: Can widgets now be flipped?

Am Sun, 08 Feb 2009 13:07:34 +0100
schrieb Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>:

> The new GtkOrientable's documentation
> says:
> "Historically, such widgets have been realized as subclasses of a
> common base class (e.g GtkBox/GtkHBox/GtkVBox and
> GtkScale/GtkHScale/GtkVScale). GtkOrientable is more flexible in that
> it allows the orientation to be changed at runtime, allowing the
> widgets to 'flip'.
> All those old widgets do now implement GtkOrientation:
> So can they actully be flipped at runtime now? The documentation seems
> to suggest that they can't if they still use the old common base
> classes.

This is how the current state is to my awareness:

It is meant to work so that subclasses such a GtkHFoo and GtkVFoo
behave the same as they used to, and can't flip. However if you use the
originally abstract base class 'orientation' works as expected, at
construction as well as runtime.

Note that GtkBox is still abstract in trunk although it technically
supports 'orientation' because possible changes in default values of
properties has to be discussed. So you can not use it.


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