Native/Extended layout

Hi everybody!

You potentially know that GTK+ has some issues when it comes to
correctly assign space to widgets if the widgets don't have a fixed
size. In 2007, Mathias Hasselmann worked on this issues in a summer of
code project (see the extended-layout branch). 

You will find the original discussion here:

And for the more recent ideas here:

I finally created the "native-layout" branch that sums up the patches of
the second bug report. The original "extended-layout" branch is so far
behind recent development that merging is ends up in a rewrite more or
less and Behdad/Havoc expressed that they don't like the implementation

This branch implements some of things Havoc proposed on this list:
(the whole thread is worth reading, btw:

The new "native-layout" branch is thought to be a starting point for
anybody wanting to work on this. It is up-to-date with master and the
tests/testextendedlayout is kind of working (at least better than with
current master).

There are some unresolved issues (maybe Mathias can say something about
- 'maximize the number of children that get their natural width' goal
isn't implemented
- width-for-height support is missing or not fully working
- everything is implemented GtkBox only, leaving GtkTable and others

Anyway, I am not really the best person when it comes to Gtk+ internals.
But when someone can give me specific advice how the rest should be
implemented I can have a look.

Thanks and regards,

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