Re: Webkit-gtk and MacOSX

2009/8/26 John Ralls <jralls ceridwen us>:
> On Aug 25, 2009, at 10:10 PM, Kalle Vahlman wrote:
>> 2009/8/26 John Ralls <jralls ceridwen us>:
>>> Thank you both for hashing this out for me. I'll persevere with getting
>>> Webkit-Gtk to build with quartz, then. I'm not sure I agree that it's
>>> "not
>>> that big": WebKit.framework clocks in at 78M.
>> Whatever the WebKit.framework is, with that size it's bound to include
>> something in addition to the WebKit library. The shared library is
>> just 15MB on Linux.
>> I don't think we are still missing *that* much API after all :)
> Well, first off, Webkit drags in a bunch of dependencies (libsoup comes
> immediately to mind, but there are others) which aren't necessarily required
> by other parts of the application being bundled.

That's true of course.

> Another major contribution is that MacOSX application binaries are roughly
> twice as big as Linux binaries because they must support two architectures
> (intel and power-pc) .

Right, I forgot about that insanity...

> Webkit is 4x, because it supports 32-bit and 64-bit
> for each.

...and didn't even know about this one. :)

I guess the life of a bundler is never easy.

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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