Re: Webkit-gtk and MacOSX

On Aug 25, 2009, at 12:57 PM, Xan Lopez wrote:

On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 10:44 PM, Kristian Rietveld<kris gtk org> wrote:
On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 9:35 PM, Xan Lopez<xan gnome org> wrote:
WebKit is the native layer on top of WebCore offered by each port for
their platform, so the answer to that is: yes, WebKitGTK provides
GObject APIs which are all "specific" to it.

Right, so another question: does the GObject API contain stuff that is
not possible in the native layers for other platforms?

At this point in time it's mostly the other way around: there are
still some APIs missing that the other more mature ports have, but we
are closing the gap quickly. Do you have in mind anything specific

Does Webkit-GTK handle parts of GTK+ theming that are not possible using the Carbon shim approach you are

I'm not sure of what that Carbon shim approach is or how it works, but
WebKitGTK+ uses the current GTK+ theme for all its rendering,
including web forms, media controls, etc.

If the Carbon shim approach does not take the GTK+ theme / fonts into
account, there is a fair chance that the WebKit "control" will look
kind of out-of-place in a GTK+ application.  Especially if it also
involves web form and media controls.

What do you think?

Yeah, it would look out of place theming-wise, but probably also in
other little things/interactions like bindings, copy/paste, etc. I
think it general it makes lots of sense to use WebKitGTK+ if you are
doing a GTK+ app, the library is not that big :)

Thank you both for hashing this out for me. I'll persevere with getting Webkit-Gtk to build with quartz, then. I'm not sure I agree that it's "not that big": WebKit.framework clocks in at 78M.

John Ralls

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