Re: Placing on desktops (was: Theme patriation)

Thomas Thurman wrote:
Christoph and Allin raise the question of the placement of an application's windows on the same desktop every time the application starts. This is known as "window matching", and there is currently no good way to do it. The subject turns out to be on-topic for this list.

What people want is for "the same" window to appear in the same place. There is no clear answer to what "the same" means. Obviously it's not really the same window, because the application closed in between and perhaps it's not even the same X session. So we need to use some attribute of the window to decide whether it's "the same".

From the documentation of gtk_window_set_role:

“In combination with the window title, the window role allows a window manager to identify "the same" window when an application is restarted. So for example you might set the "toolbox" role on your app's toolbox window, so that when the user restarts their session, the window manager can put the toolbox back in the same place.”

So in theory identifying "the same" window is a solved problem, but do many applications actually set the window role?

Tim Evans
Applied Research Associates NZ

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