AW: Placing on desktops (was: Theme patriation)

Exactly, I don't want it to rememember the last used vDesk because I don't think that would be very helpful (at least not for me). My software would just pop up on random virtual desktops because I have no specific rule which app to use on which vDesk. I just move windows randomly to different vDesks when my screen becomes a mess. So, I think an application should always start on the virtual desktop which has the focus at the moment, except I told it to start on a different place.

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Ysgrifennodd Christoph Burgdorf:
> unfortunately I'm not that deeply into the toolkit (yet). But maybe 
> you can try to explain why it must recognise "the same" window next 
> time it comes around. With my little understanding it must only know 
> which virtual desktops are available at the moment. I only want to be 
> able to start the application on a given virtual desktop. It should be 
> the same as if I launch the application and than just drag it to the 
> virtual desk where I want to have it.

I apologise if I'm misunderstanding; I thought from what you said you 
wanted the WM to remember which desktop it had last placed an 
application's windows on.  In that case we would still be using window 
matching.  If you just want to specify which window an app appears on 
every time it starts up, that wouldn't involve window matching.

(Was this supposed to go to the list?)

> Btw, you speak welsh? Just listened to it once in my lifetime...looks crazy!

I think most languages sound a little odd the first time you hear them :)


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