Re: memory leak when destroying widgets

2008/10/27 Jacques Le Normand <rathereasy gmail com>:
> Hello list
> I have this short program that's leaking memory (according to top). Could
> someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
> The program simply creates, packs and shows 100 gtk_entries and then
> destroys them at 400 ms intervals
> I appreciate any help you can give
> P.-S. I didn't know which list to send it to, so I sent it to both. If
> someone could tell me which of the two lists is more appropriate, I'll stop
> bothering the other one

I guess suspected leaks are a devel-issue...

> --Jacques
> ...and now, the program:
> /* gcc -Wall -g test.c -o test2 `pkg-config --cflags gtk+-2.0` `pkg-config
> --libs gtk+-2.0` */
> #include <stdio.h>
> #include <stdlib.h>
> #include <gtk/gtk.h>
> GtkWidget *vbox;
> GtkWidget *entry;
> guint test_function(gpointer data){
>   GList *iter;
>   iter = gtk_container_get_children (GTK_CONTAINER (vbox));
>   while(iter){
>     GtkWidget *child;
>     child = iter->data;
>     iter  = iter->next;
>     gtk_container_remove(GTK_CONTAINER(vbox),child);
>   }

You are leaking the GList there.

I couldn't see anything else in valgrind, just the usual false alarm
from fontconfig caches.

Maybe freeing the GList fixes things for you too?

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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