Re: Move to LGPL3

2008/3/19, Mark Mielke <mark mark mielke cc>:
Jean Bréfort wrote:

I can't see this thread going anywhere close to a conclusion, at this point we should stop discussing about the hundreds of possible interpretations of the licenses. Probably none of the people that has participated  is a lawyer,  we all try hard to understand the licenses and respect them, so I'm not trying to say that any of us knows anything about licensing.

But for this kind of issues, I suggest to ask for help to the foundation for legal advisory here, licenses are not that much about personal interpretation, but effective transposition into each countries' laws and stuff like that. I feel that the only way to make sure we don't mess this up is having proper consultancy about what can be done, and what can't be done.

And just then, let's discuss what we wanna do among the real choices. Everything else is kind of noise to me, and I think is not helping to clear it up (even though some mails have come up with really good points).

My 2 cents anyway.
Alberto Ruiz

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