Re: setting up a gtk dev environment

On Mon, 2008-07-28 at 10:48 -0400, Patrick Hallinan wrote:

> I ignored that and tried "jhbuild gtk+' but the first package
> (fontconfig-2.6.0) failed to build.  I think that this is the first
> error:
>     In file included from ../fontconfig/fcfreetype.h:27,
>                  from fcftint.h:26,
>                  from fcfreetype.c:48:
>     /usr/include/ft2build.h:56:38: error: freetype/config/ftheader.h: 
>     No such file or directory

ft* is FreeType, not FontConfig. 

Currently, jhbuild doesn't install FT or FC because, presumably, it
assumes that are part of the X11 environment. This is not true on every


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