Re: using dbus in the platform

Havoc Pennington wrote:

[a lot of intelligent stuff about using dbus in our stack]

As an Xfce developer, I'm usually one of the first to be wary and skeptical when large new bits of functionality are added to glib and gtk (we try to use lightweight libraries with as few dependencies as possible), but at this point, I must say Havoc is right, and this is the correct way to go.

We started using dbus in Xfce about a year ago, albeit in a limited fashion, and mainly for desktop/file manager integration. For our next major release (due sometime eventually whenever and stuff ^_~), we're planning on using dbus a lot more -- in our configuration system, for starters, and most modules (desktop, panel, etc.) will have some kind of dbus remote control interface, which should help solve several problems our users have -- picking a random image from a script and setting it as the desktop wallpaper every hour, to name one example -- problems/desires that we don't necessarily want to solve directly in our software, but we'd like to give users (and perhaps other developers) the flexibility to do this on their own outside of Xfce.

Now, I know what's being proposed isn't "add dbus to gtk" -- the parts of gtk that use dbus will neatly hide dbus. My point is that a standard, flexible, lightweight, easy-to-use form of IPC is starting to become (or maybe already is) essential to an integrated desktop environment, not just to present a unified look, but to make extendability and flexibility easy and within reach to your average non-programmer power user. D-Bus was designed to be this IPC mechanism, and IMHO it does a pretty damned good job of it, certainly better than tossing around length-limited XClientMessages or re-inventing a custom unix socket protocol for every single app.

The use cases described seem valid and worthwhile to me; currently our method of ensuring single-instance is to grab an X selection on startup. While that works, it's not portable, and is a departure from the high-level nature of gtk. I consider it a failure in the stack whenever I have to use xlib for anything that isn't truly x11-specific. I could go on, but... you get the idea.


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