Re: using dbus in the platform


I think you might have joined this discussion from the wrong angle. There is no real debate that using D-Bus makes sense for traditional desktop environments. NDesk, another GTK+ desktop environment, implements dozens of Freedestkop standards, including several fdo D-Bus specs.

The issue is that Havoc is proposing to use libdbus, his own D-Bus implementation, directly in GTK+. This means that desktop environments like NDesk which use their own D-Bus library will incur the overhead of multiple connections and conceptual breakage of two D-Bus implementations in one process.

The problem is not unique to NDesk. Some half a dozen GNOME applications also use NDesk.DBus or dependent libraries. Dozens of third party applications that are neither part of NDesk or GNOME also use alternative D-Bus libraries and will be affected by any decision to use libdbus in GTK+ proper.

There is no reason why the proposed libdbus-specific functionality can't be provided by some "libdesktop" library to be used by GNOME, XFCE and traditional desktops. This has the added benefit that such functionalty can simply be avoided by, say, GTK+ applications running on DirectFB, on deeply embedded custom OSs etc.

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