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On Fri, 28 Sep 2007 at 11:49:16 -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> 2) GTK+ has a dependency on dbus, on X11 only, for "desktop
> integration" features to work. (See list of examples above.) By
> "dependency" I mean specifically:
>  - dbus.h is not included in gtk.h
>  - gtk or gdk contains interfaces such as settings, notifications,
> single instance, launch help viewer; on X11, these are implemented
> using libdbus (suggest a cut-and-paste of hippo-dbus-helper.[hc] or
> equivalent is used internal to gtk)
>  - on Windows and OS X, these interfaces are implemented in some
> native way (though it could make sense to rely on a dbus port in some
> cases, I don't know)

I'm not convinced Gtk+ is the place to be experimenting with D-Bus
integration. Can't we do the experimentation in a libgdesktopbus or
libgnomebus or something, with convenience API for single-instance,
notifications, etc., that hides libdbus, and if it turns out that in fact
everyone wants it, push it into Gtk+ later?

In fact, there is already libnotify, which is a C wrapper around libdbus
(hiding libdbus completely, IIRC) to do notifications.

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