Re: shortcuts for g_type_register_static_simple

On Tue, 8 May 2007, Stefan Kost wrote:

Sorry for the spam, but readelf thinks otherwise:
$ readelf -d ../lib/ | grep REL
 0x00000002 (PLTRELSZ)                   3520 (bytes)
 0x00000014 (PLTREL)                     REL
 0x00000017 (JMPREL)                     0x6dd0
 0x00000011 (REL)                        0x6a30
 0x00000012 (RELSZ)                      928 (bytes)
 0x00000013 (RELENT)                     8 (bytes)
 0x6ffffffa (RELCOUNT)                   95
$ readelf -d ../lib/ | grep REL
 0x00000002 (PLTRELSZ)                   3536 (bytes)
 0x00000014 (PLTREL)                     REL
 0x00000017 (JMPREL)                     0x6e20
 0x00000011 (REL)                        0x6a90
 0x00000012 (RELSZ)                      912 (bytes)
 0x00000013 (RELENT)                     8 (bytes)
 0x6ffffffa (RELCOUNT)                   93

so it seems that by using g_type_register_static_simple we can save 2
relocs and there are 16bytes moved from (RELSZ) to (PLTRELSZ).

yep, that's the exact figure we saw in the original proposal:
(and since the 16 bytes moved from data to the read-only text segment,
the actual savings are n_defined_types*16 apart from the saved relocs.)



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