Re: GNOME Roadmap - Information Request for gtk+

On Tue, 1 May 2007, Daniel Kasak wrote:

Tim Janik wrote:

anything beyond that is probably going to be discussed/decided during GUADEC:	(GTK+ State of the Union)	(Gtk+ 3.0: "Why and why not would we want it?")
we might also have another Gtk+ BOF or so there, similar to FOSDEM.

I'd be very interested to see that talk. Is there any chance of a divx
capture of it appearing? Pretty please? I certainly can't get to the UK
for it ...

video capture depends on the equippment and the guadec video team (if there is
any). BOFs most probably aren't covered though. however Kristian Rietveld
was kind enough to provide meeting minutes for our last Gtk+ BOFs (FOSDEM07,
GUADEC06) and will hopefully volounteer at GUADEC07 again ;)

Daniel Kasak
IT Developer


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