Re: Sudden Tango changes in trunk

On Wed, 28 Mar 2007 12:49:44 +0200 Jakub Steiner wrote:
>To be honest I don't want to bother with all this work to provide an
>'alternative' icon theme. The unique gnome 2.0 style make gtk apps on
>platforms such as MS Windows or Mac OS X totally out of place. I'm
>quite sad to see you hold on to that.

I don't think the correct solution here is to try to make a
one-size-fits-all default stock icon theme.  Why would we even *want*
the default icon theme to be tailored to MS Windows or MacOS X[1]?

I think it makes more sense for someone (doesn't have to be you, Jakub,
but if you wanted to, that's great) to create a theme that fits in well
on MS Windows, and another that fits in well on OS X, and these can be
distributed in installers/bundles for those OSes as the default there
(and bundled separately as just an icon theme tarball for people on
other OSes who like them).

For Linux, etc. (X11), I'd say keep the current default.  Most people
are probably using their favorite non-default icon theme (whether it's
Tango, or Industrial, or whatever), so it seems silly to spend time
coming up with a new default that may or may not be used by a
decently large amount of people.  People who *aren't* using a custom
icon theme are presumably happy with the current default.  If you want
to make a new icon theme for the stock icons, why not just distribute
it as a normal icon theme that a user can select?


[1] On Mac, to fit in, you'd want to disable all button/menu icons
anyway.  The only visible icons on Mac that I can think of would be
toolbar icons and MIME icons (the latter of which aren't provided by

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