Re: Sudden Tango changes in trunk

On Wed, 2007-03-28 at 11:45 +0200, Kristian Rietveld wrote:
> Dear All,
> When updating trunk over the weekend I was surprised by two commits
> replacing/overwriting old icons with new "tango" ones.  Before I had a
> chance to mail to this list about this I noticed a blog entry saying
> that the whole GTK+ stock icon set will be updated.
> I don't remember any discussion about this on the list, where have we
> decided that we are going to update the stock icons?  From the first two
> commits I figure that the old icons will be overwritten by the new ones.
> I am concerned that this change will "visually break" any old
> applications, which might have custom icons that more or less match the
> current gtk+ icon style.  To me it feels like replacing icons is not a
> solution here, a new icon theme with the tango icons should be created
> instead.

Hi Kris,
I've poked Matthias Clasen on IRC about it.  If you feel like we should
back of the changes, I'll revert.

GNOME is pretty much dealt for in the gnome icon theme, the reason for
the gtk+ stock facelift is the Windows-ports.

To be honest I don't want to bother with all this work to provide an
'alternative' icon theme. The unique gnome 2.0 style make gtk apps on
platforms such as MS Windows or Mac OS X totally out of place. I'm quite
sad to see you hold on to that.


Jakub Steiner <jimmac ximian com>

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