Re: Multimedia widgets in GTK+?

On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 08:46 -0400, Martin Meyer wrote:
> The slider is something that primarily annoys me in Totem. When Totem
> is in full screen mode the slider/position bar is huge. You might have
> to move your mouse several inches out of the way to get over to where
> the slider current position is, then move it right back to where it
> was before when you realize you can't click there and expect it to
> move.
> There are two valuable points to making the slider click-to-go-able.
> 1) Reduces arm fatigue from moving the mouse too much. I know this
> might sound like BS but it really can get annoying and tiring having
> to move the mouse to find the right spot to click. 2) This is
> consistently something Windows users bicker at me about when trying to
> use my computer to watch videos. And to make it worse, I bicker right
> along with them because I hate its current behavior.

Do you want this behavior in all scrollbars? Also in text editors and
in your browser? A click on a stream position indicator is simply
different from a click on a real *scroll*bar. It should definitely
not be the default behavior of GtkRange.

Why can't totem simply fix that by itself? The most trivial way
is to connect to button-press-event and button-release-event
and change GdkEventButton::button from 1 to 2 in the callback
and return FALSE.

Another option is to add a property for that in GtkRange itself.


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