Multimedia widgets in GTK+?


There are a few widgets in use in multimedia applications. The first one
- BaconVolumeWidget, living in the libbacon module in SVN. It's
currently used by a large number of applications, cut'n'pasted (Totem,
Rhythmbox, LastExit, Banshee, Muine, Sound-Juicer, possibly others).
- HildonSeekbar[1], which would need quite a bit of reworking to be
added to GTK+. The main differences with the default GtkScale widgets is
that clicking on the through would seek directly to the place clicked,
not progressively get closer to the point clicked. The other difference
is the ability to mark a "fraction", ie. the amount of data already
downloaded, and available for seeking. I can see Rhythmbox, Totem,
Banshee, and any other apps dealing with streaming media using it.

The purpose of this mail is to ask whether this type of widgets would be
welcome in GTK+. I'm ready to do the work and maintain them in GTK+,
should they be accepted.


Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> 

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