Re: GtkTreeView and fixed_height mode

"Morten Welinder" <mortenw gnome org> writes:

> That depends on the data and how much we have seen before, but if
> we initially did a fair-sized sample -- last I looked we were doing 1000
> rows -- then the probability is low and hence it is not annoying.

If you did that, then you could also completely avoid having the
fixed-height mode by estimating the total height based on the initial
sampling, then adjusting the scrollbar as needed. If the distribution
of heights is reasonable, then the initial guess will be close to
the correct one. In the common case where all rows have the same size,
the initial guess would be exact.

This is particularly appealing since programmers in general don't have
the information to answer the question "is this tree fixed height",
because the answer depends on what fonts are installed and what text
is actually in the tree.


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