Re: GtkTreeView and fixed_height mode

On Wed, Feb 07, 2007 at 03:37:07PM +0100, Emmanuel Briot wrote:
> I do agree with your analysis that the other modes do not make sense, but if 
> things work anyway shouldn't it just be documented that best practice 
> recommend using fixed width mode, but have the code not enforce it ?

Maybe, I am not really sure about that.

> > Fixed height mode is really limited and we have always discouraged to
> > use it.  However, for really large data sets there is not really another
> > option.
> Are there any other limitations that not having things resize automatically ? 

Not that I know of, but of course from the name it is clear that all
rows in the tree view will be forced to have the same height.  It is not
possible to have both rows with a single line of text and multiple lines
of text, etc, etc.



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