Re: GtkTreeView and fixed_height mode

On Wednesday 07 February 2007 15:33:42 Kristian Rietveld wrote:
> Note that this change has been in gtktreeview.c since the first
> fixed_height_mode commit.  The requirement for FIXED columns in fixed
> height mode has been in there since 2.3.x and has not changed over
> time.

That's true. I forgot the customer was also trying to compile 
with --enable-debug=on (which I told them was not such a good idea if they 
are concerned about speed anyway), and that's where they hit the assertion.

But everything seems to work fine if the columns do not have fixed sizing, ie 
when compiled with --enable-debug=off.
I do agree with your analysis that the other modes do not make sense, but if 
things work anyway shouldn't it just be documented that best practice 
recommend using fixed width mode, but have the code not enforce it ?

> The only one left is FIXED.  GtkTreeView usually defaults to the size of
> the column headers (determined by the length of the column titles) for
> this.  You can also set a good size yourself.  And the user is still able
> to resize columns when you enable the resizable properties of the columns.

Good, that's useful info.

> Fixed height mode is really limited and we have always discouraged to
> use it.  However, for really large data sets there is not really another
> option.

Are there any other limitations that not having things resize automatically ? 
In some contexts (for instance when the application is going to run on 
specific machines with known configuration, as happens a lot in big 
companies), not on everyone's desktop, it does make sense...

> I hope this clears things up a bit.

That it does, thanks a lot Kristian!


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