Re: Adding foreign_new_xdisplay for Gdk X11

El mar, 06-02-2007 a las 16:43 +0000, Ricardo Cruz escribi�>  I am writting a Qt style that uses GTK+ to render its stuff; the inverse of 
> gtk-qt-engine [1], and so I need to re-use the Qt Display connection.

Nice!  This would even help for gradually porting ancient non-GTK+
software to the new world order.

>  Would 
> it be possible to add a function with the following signature to Gdk X11?
>  GdkDisplay *gdk_x11_foreign_new_xdisplay (Display *)
>  I have made this patch for mine 2.8.18:

Your gdk_x11_foreign_new_xdisplay() doesn't emit "display-opened" on the
GdkDisplayManager.  The display *was* already open, but shouldn't the
display manager get to know about this?

GdkDisplay keeps some interesting state (last-clicked-window, button
click times, etc.).  If GTK+ doesn't really own the display, could these
fields get out of sync with reality?  Does it matter?


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