Re: Adding foreign_new_xdisplay for Gdk X11

You wrote (@ Saturday, 10 de February de 2007 14:59):
> El mar, 06-02-2007 a las 16:43 +0000, Ricardo Cruz escribió:
> >  Would
> > it be possible to add a function with the following signature to Gdk X11?
> >  GdkDisplay *gdk_x11_foreign_new_xdisplay (Display *)
> >
> >  I have made this patch for mine 2.8.18:
> >
> Your gdk_x11_foreign_new_xdisplay() doesn't emit "display-opened" on the
> GdkDisplayManager.  The display *was* already open, but shouldn't the
> display manager get to know about this?
 Okay, we can have it emit the signal.

> GdkDisplay keeps some interesting state (last-clicked-window, button
> click times, etc.).  If GTK+ doesn't really own the display, could these
> fields get out of sync with reality?  Does it matter?
 Hmmm... _gdk_event_init() is called on the opened display, which seem to use 
some XDisplay file descriptor to get notified of events, where it updates 
those values. It doesn't seem to update those values unless the programmer 
uses gdk_event to get the events.

 Anyway, it is a good idea to add some boolean to tell GDK to not "listen" or 
set proprieties to the Display.

 Created a bug report for this (with an updated patch):


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