Re: Gtk engine development

Andreas Volz wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm currently working on a gtk engine that does all drawing operation
> with Evas[1]. It works so far, but I've some problems.
> Evas doesn't work like most other canvas. It's only single buffered and
> does only redraw that parts that are changed since a last rendering.
> My experiments showed me that Gtk clears the window before it starts a
> redraw operation of all widgets with the gtk engine. So the Evas way of
> redrawing doesn't work. Currently I stard a complete redraw process of
> the Evas canvas. Bus this flickers much because it's not double
> buffered.
> I've currently now idea how to realize what I like to do. My only idea
> is to modify the Gtk source itself. But I don't like this solution. Any
> ideas how to solve this?

I don't have a direct answer to your question, however I know that work
is being done on Etk, which aims to be API-compatible with gtk+

I'm not saying that creating an evas backend for gtk+ wouldn't be a good
thing ( it's certainly faster than cairo ) ... just making sure you know
about Etk ...

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