Re: elastic tabstops implemented for GTK

2007/8/29, Nick Gravgaard <me nickgravgaard com>:
> But wouldn't it be nice to have the choice over how big your
> indentation is without forcing it on anyone else?

OTOH you are forcing anyone wishing to look at your code to have a
suitable viewer. If you think about how source code is viewed these
days, the range of viewers does not include only editors. I see code
in emails, different web applications, on the command line (grep,
diff, etc) and so on.

> > To me it looks like an attempt to force everyone to use
> > gedit (or whatever chosen editor) to display the text.
> I have to start somewhere and I chose gedit and GTK. I intend to port
> this to other platforms/editors

I suppose this would include the tools mentioned above right?-)

> If you don't want to save files with tabs in and be able to manipulate
> your text outside the editor etc you can always just use elastic
> tabstops in editors that support them and make sure they export files
> using spaces.

In effect, this is the only realistic way to work in my opinion. But
then this cool notion becomes simply yet another indentation technique
for writing code (which doesn't work over saves), not the silver
bullet it is meant to be...

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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