Re: elastic tabstops implemented for GTK

On Wed, Aug 29, 2007 at 07:11:35PM +0200, Nick Gravgaard wrote:
> On 29/08/2007, David Nečas (Yeti) <yeti physics muni cz> wrote:
> > Alex Jones wrote:
> > >  I really can't wait to get this functionality, it finally puts an end to
> > > all of the nonsense over how many spaces there should be in a tab!
> >
> > The option to avoid tabs has been here since ever.
> > Did it put an end to the tab size nonsense?
> > What makes you think this option will?
> Because the usual way to interpret a tab character has been to place
> the text after it at the next tabstop where the tabstop was a multiple
> of N. Elastic tabstops don't work like that all. Please read the
> website linked to in an earlier post.

You missed the point.  It is irrelevant *what* it does.

The primary problem is the undefined meaning of tabs.  How
inventing yet another option solves this problem?  Not at
all, it makes it worse.  Unless, of cousre, you are going to
eliminate all people who use tabs differently than you...



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