Re: GTK+ Theming improvements

The point about spatial awareness hit it right on the spot really;
just as a throw in, i think something like this here should (should as
in, it should be a goal to make it possible) doable:

On 8/30/07, Rui Tiago Cação Matos <tiagomatos gmail com> wrote:
> On Qua, 2007-08-29 at 21:15 +0200, Benjamin Berg wrote:
> > Neighbour matching is impossible in GTK+ currently and it would with
> > theming paddings between widgets.
> Sorry, I can't follow you on this sentence.
> > * Separating positioning of widgets out of the application, and
> >         into the theme.
> This is very interesting. IMO the programmer shouldn't need to worry
> about UI design or things like the HIG. If there was a means by witch
> the programmer could specify the actions and associated data (the
> semantics) then another layer could apply a style sheet to it to
> generate the interface. Maybe there should be two types of style sheets,
> one specific to the program (analogous to a glade file) and a general
> one which would encompass what we today call a theme and which could
> enforce the HIG.
> > I think an interesting thing to discuss is the scope of any system. It
> > was suggested that the theme should be able to handle large parts of the
> > UI design. Other things that could be handled by themes include
> > application graphics (eg. nautilus disk usage pie chart) or the metacity
> > window frames.
> This is something that I've thinking of lately: why can't applications
> be in control of their window decorations? The window manager could be
> there doing all it's non visible work anyway but the app (of course I'm
> thinking the toolkit here) could do all the drawing and thus be in
> complete control over it's interface, meaning that the functionality and
> the appearance of the decorations could be much more integrated with app
> itself.
> Anyway I often drift into over-engineering :-) BTW, all of this is
> obviously 3.0 material. I believe these theming improvements are also?
> Rui
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