Re: Windows question: Compiling libglade against the GIMP GTK+ runtime

(The Subject is a bit misleading. Almost by definition, one doesn't
compile against a runtime, one compiles against headers and (import)
libraries, typically from something called a "developer" package.)

John Pye writes:
 > Can anyone here give me some suggestions on how I might go about
 > compiling a libglade DLL that can be run alongside the GIMP GTK+ runtime
 > ?

There shouldn't be anything you would need to do specially when
building libglade that would depend on whose distribution of the GTK+
runtime it will run with.

Thus there shouldn't be any reason to even build it yourself, just
using the one from should
work fine with any recent GTK+, GLib etc version.

Please note that installers that bundle lots of stuff into one
installation and call the whole bundle "GTK+" might be easy for
end-users, but can be misleading for developers. For a more Unix-like
experience with separate packages for each "module" (although without
any nice package management that would automatically take care of
dependency management), use the individual zipfiles from This is just my personal opinion, of course.


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