Windows question: Compiling libglade against the GIMP GTK+ runtime

Hi all

Can anyone here give me some suggestions on how I might go about
compiling a libglade DLL that can be run alongside the GIMP GTK+ runtime ?

My Windows installer for a PyGTK application (ASCEND, works fine except for the case where users
already have GIMP installed (which given the tendencies of FOSS users is
fairly likely). If they have GIMP installed it means that they probably
have the GIMP-win GTK+ runtime installer, rather than the GladeWin32
one, which means that they don't have libglade, which I need them to
have. So rather than hoping/waiting for the necessary changes to the
GIMP GTK+ package, I thought I would work out how to build a libglade
DLL, and include it with my application.

Any suggestions?


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