Re: Ok to redirect to GNOME Library?

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

>   - In I see the following
> available versions:
>   * 1.10
>       * 1.12
>       * 1.14
>       * 1.16
>       * 1.17
> It makes sense to clearly mark 1.17 as devel/unstable.

I'll do this.

>   - Like others have said already, a
> alias that links to the
> latest stable release may make sense.

stable is link to latest stable release, and latest to latest
(eventually development) release; isn't it ok that way ?

>   - Why not list the minor version of each of those available versions?

It would multiply required disk space while not offering much
advantages over current situation; me thinks.

>   - The page links to a specific
> version, not the listing.  How is one supposed to get to the listing?

Using the wonderful 'up' toolbar button of Epiphany :)  Seriously, I
know there is currently no way to get to the version listing page; I
have to list versions in the index.

>   - This one may need changes in gtk-doc, but would be very useful if we
> could have something like
> and have it work.  In fact, what would be more useful would be to make
> redirect to where it
> should.  That's how works and it has been extremely useful.  If
> I want to read docs for the function phpinfo(), I go to

I believe this to be doable with RewriteMap; I just have to parse
devhelp files and generate a big dbm file.  Added to TODO.


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