GLib Dependency Model

Recently I have developed a python script that scans all the symbols
defined in a group of object files and libraries (through nm), it
checks the inter-dependencies and it generates a "Lattix Data Import"
xml file ready to be imported in Lattix.

My first test case has been the GLib:

In that "test case" there is an highlighting of the cross-dependencies
of the "core" of the glib.

It also shows that different objects could be left out of the library,
even without conditional compilation, but just at link time.

Of course, GLib doesn't need to left out any object currently
included, but the fact that there is the possibility to do so is, in
my opinion, an index of the good quality of the GLib design.

Do not hesitate to ask me Dependency Model for other open source
libraries if you find them useful.

Kind regards,
Emilio Monti

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