Re: new stock icons

Hi Jakub,

On Mon, Apr 02, 2007 at 07:40:02PM +0200, Jakub Steiner wrote:
> I propose a replacement of the current gtk stock icons with newly
> created artwork[1]. The set uses the exact same metaphors so it's
> unlikely to cause any trouble with applications using the icons in a
> slightly changed context. It has been drawn from scratch to be
> distributable under the GNU LGPL license.

First of all congratulations to you and the rest of the Tango team for
managing to redo all stock icons in a single day -- a great achievement
indeed.  I think having the source to all icons in the gtk+ repository
will be a great advantage.

> It has been brought up on this list that this style update should not
> happen as a replacement, and the old stock remain as an option. I don't
> see any benefit of this. The metaphors didn't change, only the style has
> been updated to be less unique. I don't see anyone willing to maintain
> the old look elsewhere. But of course I'm letting those decisions on
> you.

I've raised my compatibility concerns earlier on this list -- if the general
consensus amongst the GTK+ core developers is that replacing the icon
set is no problem compatibility-wise, then I am in full support of your

Personally I only partly agree with Mitch that icons are not part of the
API/ABI, because I do feel that the point Morten raised in this thread is
valid to some extent.  I second Mitch' point that frameworks do polish
from time to time and also the design of widgets does slightly change.
The icons only saw a slight change, since the new icons are basically
a "redraw" of the old images AFAIK.  Before I was under the impression
that some of the icons were about to be completely revamped.

In summary, I don't see much issues with replacing the icons.  If we want
to make use of some kind of "transition period" as suggested, we should
decide on replacing the icon set ASAP.



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