new stock icons

Hi gtk+ developers.
I propose a replacement of the current gtk stock icons with newly
created artwork[1]. The set uses the exact same metaphors so it's
unlikely to cause any trouble with applications using the icons in a
slightly changed context. It has been drawn from scratch to be
distributable under the GNU LGPL license.

The new set follows the Tango style guidelines [2] so applications using
the stock icons will integrate better on Mac OS and MS Windows, which
was the motivation behind our effort. On Linux, applications are likely
to be using icon themes.

It has been brought up on this list that this style update should not
happen as a replacement, and the old stock remain as an option. I don't
see any benefit of this. The metaphors didn't change, only the style has
been updated to be less unique. I don't see anyone willing to maintain
the old look elsewhere. But of course I'm letting those decisions on


-[even a stopped clock gives a right time twice a day]-

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