Re: gtk & vs8

On Tue, 3 Apr 2007, Tor Lillqvist wrote:

(CCing to gtk-devel-list, please subscribe to that list and follow up

I don't know if the person who contributed those VS8 project files use
any side-by-side methods to deploy what he built, at least I don't
recall him mentioning anything about that. Probably you should use
some other unique naming convention for your DLLs, for instance
libFOO-vs8-sxs.dll? You coult even drop the "lib" prefix and "2.0" and
"-0" parts of the DLL names, as those are mostly artefacts of Unixish
conventions, and the side-by-side methods are very far from Unix
anyway. What would you think of using DLL names like glib-vs8-sxs.dll?

the "2.0" is not a unixish artefact, but part of the library name. consider these API and ABI incompatible libraries:
 glib-vs8-sxs.dll (actually glib1.2-vs8-sxs.dll)
since windows doesn't magically fix ABI/API incompatibilities, you'd
still want the ability to tell them apart there as well, unless you
can be 100% certain that they will never ever possibly end up in the
same directory or search PATH (hardly possible).



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