As discussed some times ago [1] I propose to add a PCRE wrapper to GLib.
Bug #50075 [2] contains a patch that adds it as a separate libgregex.
The documentation of the new API is at [3] (yes, there are some
unresolved problems with gtk-doc).

Owen Taylor would prefer to have GRegex directly in the main GLib
(17:38:55) owen: is the latest plan for gregex really a separate
(17:39:45) mclasen: owen: you would prefer it folded in ?
(17:40:16) owen: mclasen: I think it makes tons more sense folded in. A
regular expression facility is most useful if you can just use it when
you need it
(17:40:36) owen: mclasen: And on the desktop, having it folded in is
purely a performance win
(17:41:36) owen: if there is an embedded problem (how big is it
anyways?) then a --without-regex configure option would be better
(17:43:19) mclasen: owen: you are probably right

What are your ideas?

I would like to add to the documentation a simple and short tutorial on
regular expressions and GRegex API. Does someone know something good
(and with a compatible license) to copy?




Marco Barisione

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