Re: GRegex

On 10/24/06, Marco Barisione <marco barisione org> wrote:
As discussed some times ago [1] I propose to add a PCRE wrapper to GLib.
Bug #50075 [2] contains a patch that adds it as a separate libgregex.
The documentation of the new API is at [3] (yes, there are some
unresolved problems with gtk-doc).

Owen Taylor would prefer to have GRegex directly in the main GLib

To give you an idea of the size of libgregex and libpcre, these are
the sizes of the stripped .so files on my computer:

libgregex with internal PCRE      138 KB
libgregex with system PCRE        24  KB
libpcre with Unicode support      125 KB
libpcre without Unicode support   96  KB

Marco Barisione

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